Monday, August 10, 2009

Peace beyond and above the Circumstances

In church yesterday my Pastor spoke on Hannah and just what an amazing woman she was. How she was not able to have children and the persecution that came with that from Elkanna's other wife. How she would go every year to the temple and ask the Lord for a son and that she would give him right back to Him to serve in the temple! My pastor brought up the thought on how Hannah knew that the Lord was going to use her son in mighty ways and wanted to fulfill that call by having the son that she truly longed for, even so it needed to be in Gods timing (1 Samuel 1). God's timing is so perfect, but it usually is never on our time! When we ask for healing, direction, peace, help, ect. His timing and His plan to answer that is to ultimately glorify Him no matter what. I had the realization that God has to know that our hearts must be right with Him so that when that prayer is answered that we give God the glory and gratitude He deserves! It's all because of Him that we are even here, so why not give Him the glory for all that we do? What keeps us from doing that every day, what makes us forget that the God who created this world also created the breath that makes you and I live every day? When do we show gratitude for just living to God?

In having this realization there has been such peace. Knowing that even though there are prayers of mine that have not been answered there is still time for the God of All to do His work, but ultimately it is up to Him and He must receive all the praise! And believe it or not, there is peace with that! Peace in the fact that He will provide, He will heal, He will give direction if my heart is in the right place, seeking after Him, and being obedient to what His word tells me to do! It is peace beyond and above the circumstances in life! God has it under control and He wants you to know that!

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